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Intercessory Prayer
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Intercessory Prayer

To recognize the authority and power of God through reverenced prayer and to petition God that His will and purpose be recognized and accomplished through willful and obedient service.


Cleansing Stream

The Cleansing Stream is a discipleship seminar designed to train believers to walk in a new level of freedom, maturity and commitment. There are two parts to this program ministry. 


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I.    The Cleansing Stream Seminar  
  • Walk in the Spirit– learn how to walk in the Spirit day by day
  • Speak Words of Life– learn how to speak words of life to yourself and others; dismantle curses
  • Consecration– learn how to entrust every area of your life to God
  • Consecration Ceremony
  • Cleansing– identify where you have given the enemy a foothold in your life; be free
  • Pittsburg Retreat
  • Press Towards the Goal – learn how to continue to walk in freedom
II.   Foundations for Freedom
  •  A Kingdom Parable– Sometimes familiarity robs us of the depth and richness of the truth that sets us free. Join us as we use a parable to help you think differently about Jesus and His work in your life. This class is designed to set up the rest of the “Foundations of Kingdom Living” classes by illuminating the story of the gospel in a deeply personal way.
  • Levels of Change – This class is designed to help identify and avoid the traps common to man’s attempts to change his own life. Even more important, this class explains God’s provision and strategy for changing your life from the inside out.
  • Kingdom of God – This class is designed to help you understand the message of Jesus and the reason His message carried so much power to transform people’s lives. This helpful understanding of Jesus’ message will also help bring power into the middle of your circumstances.
  • Hearing God – God wants to speak to each of us personally, and the Bible makes it clear that we can hear Him. Why does God want to speak, and what is really happening when He does? This class is intended to help you recognize His voice and receive the full impact of communication from the Creator of the universe.
  • Life in the Kingdom – Life in a heavenly kingdom is qualitatively different than life in an earthly kingdom. This class is designed to help you learn the weapons of warfare as we learn to live differently. In this class, we discuss the ways that our responses to God help us to receive all He has to offer us.
  • Forgiveness – This session focuses on forgiveness, one of the most important tools that God uses to free us because at the top of Satan’s list of tools is bitterness, resentment and hard-heartedness; forgiveness allows us to be free from those things and to receive healing from God.


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